Juhi Verma, Designer

There’s a nondescript street in Colisée, Paris that hosts this graffiti on the wall of a laundromat: Art is a dirty thing, but someone’s gotta do it. At a young age when most kids were dreaming of becoming pilots and doctors, I knew I wanted to play in the dirt and pull out something beautiful from it.  

 Navy brat that I was, displacement was not unfamiliar to me. I embraced the new and unknown on a constant basis. From all of those adventures was born an innate desire to build something of my own. And as a first time entrepreneur, House of Shard is giving me the perfect platform to learn and innovate on a daily basis.

 In India there is no dearth of creativity given our diverse cultures. But stained glass has always been geographically distant from our creative market. I wanted to bring the beauty of European churches home – the gorgeous stained class windows that retold stories of mythology and love. Think Chartres (France) and Florence (Italy).

What started out as my dissertation project at NIFT, soon turned into a business idea. House of Shard specialises in making authentic Tiffany-styled stained glass products. It involves cutting glass into pieces and soldering them together in creative patterns. We bring you stained glass accessories with a blend of modern aesthetics. We at House of Shard believe in the joy of colours.


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